Rio Carnival 2016

Client: BriefBox
Date: June 2, 2016
Services: Poster Design


The Rio Carnival comes every year and is one of the biggest events in Brazil as well as one of the most well known cultural events. A design brief provided by Briefbox suggested a poster be created advertising this event, so I decided to take the challenge.

Rio Carnival Poster
The Original

With the original design I mostly focused on capturing the energy and colors which are the essence of carnival. This was important to capture the eye of people as they passed by the poster no matter where it is placed at.

Final Revision

Changing Focus

With the final iteration of the design, I wanted to figure out how to keep the focus on being bold however being informative as well as the information was not very descriptive for those not used to carnival. The issue more so with carnival is it spans from city to city and isn’t just located in one location at one time. In an effort to push a central location I went with the Sambódromo which is the biggest location Carnival runs through and has the most attractions and events.

Running with this idea I worked with keeping event information, location and website organized however not overpowering. In order to do this I had to tone down the imagery. Behind the image of the dancer is an overprint of the actual Sambódromo to add depth to the image as well as adding a local to the image to tie things together. I stayed within line with typical color schemes as would be found during carnival as bright whites dark purples and yellows are also high percentile of the performers as well as being complementary to each other.

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