Queen Up T-Shirt Design

Client: Janice Gilliard | Queen Up
Date: May 26, 2017
Services: Tshirt Design

When working with the client I wanted to provide mockups that she could share online or use on product pages as well as any other locations which a mockup would fit. These were constrained to 1:1 large square resolutions for this reason alone. With this she would have no problems placing the mockups in modern day cms, social media or editing software.

The Process

The entire needed to be done in a day for a weekend sale so I had to be quick on concepting and figuring out something that worked. She submitted an original framework that I worked off of and went for my idea of illustrating a strong woman silhouette.

The silhouette remained static throughout the process as that was the most time consuming portion and time was not on my side for this project. Moving forward we processed 2 other examples which included 2 different variations to the queen idea as she wanted to use a crown of some sort to signify being a queen. These ideas were scrapped because my intention was that the idea of a simple strong illustration would show more power and female empowerment than a crown would. Adding additional elements adds complexity and details that will be lost from a distance.

I moved forward with the word cloud idea as the afro reminded me of a cloud and I used this as a way to illustrate thoughts and feelings of empowerment from the mind and body, as it will be on your chest. The words change in scale and weight from most important to least important words she wanted to convey. I did this because while the smaller text will be lost from a distance, the main illustration and biggest words will pull interested people to inquire about the shirt and its meaning as they get closer more of the words will become visible.

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