Lelia Otelia Foundation

Alzheimer's Care Circle

Client: Lelia Otelia Foundation
Date: July 20, 2017
Services: Business Cards, Stationery, Brochure, Thank You Cards, Website, Brand Identity Design

Lelia Otelia Foundation is a Alzheimer’s Foundation run by Jerri Riley, daughter of the passed Lelia Otelia who passed away due to Alzheimer’s. Her goal is to bring people together and educate them through not only events, but also, hospitality visits and educational classes on how to properly take care of Alzheimer’s patients.

The Process

When creating any brand it is important to understand its target market. When making a design for a medical field however it is important to be cautious of the imagery you use to represent various conditions and illnesses to ensure you are conveying the correct message.

With the Lelia Otelia Foundation it was important to be relatable to Alzheimer’s patients.The idea of forming a community and educating families on proper care I decided a circular foundation to the logo would be important to drive the community environment.

The Mark

When building the brand identity it was a constant struggle trying to figure out what would be a good representative idea of Alzheimer’s that was friendly, but also not obscure, while also remaining unique. We ended up eventually discussing that Lelia Otelia’s favorite animal was an elephant.

This helped push a major part of the process. My issue only came from it feeling cliche. Many if not a large percentage of alzheimer’s logos incorporate either a brain or elephant to symbolise memory. My idea was to rather not focus on memory but rather the act of actually remembering things. 

This eventually lead me to an old memory adage that tying a string around your finger helps you remember things by acting as a passive constant in your memory so to say. You will eventually forget that you have the string tied around your finger, however, looking at the string on your finger will force you to remember how it got there to begin with. This is used sometimes with alzheimer’s patients as a memory aid.

Stationery Design

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