C.E.A. Properties Branding

Clean, Efficient, Affordable Housing Solutions

Client: C.E.A. Properties
Services: Business Cards, Stationery, Brand Identity Design

C.E.A. Properties is a Philadelphia Real Estate Agency focusing on helping prospective home owners find the best and most fitting house for them at affordable prices. They aim to retain a level consistency between houses that are clean and suitable for accommodating people of all ages.

C.E.A. Properties focuses on clean, efficient and affordable services, because of this I chose a minimalistic approach to the design.

Sans-Serif for the clean minimalistic modern home feeling which is inviting and reasonably approachable from a business standpoint for all age groups and financial ranges. Serifs tend to embody the feeling of expense and stature as well as age and prestige. This logo in all serifs would feel very corporate, timely and high class. That is not the target market so this would not be a reasonable approach.

Logo Mark

For the logo Mark I added a simple illustration of 3 shapes. These can be recognized as a rectangle a square and triangle. Put these three shapes together and they will all fall into place forming a house. This idea came after I tried to work with something that felt modern but comfortable and minimal enough that it didn’t overpower the brand or its subheading. These are important together and cannot clash with each other. I worked on the idea of a conveyor belt for efficiency but it was too complex for the branding and again overpowered the main brand. For all of it to work in conjunction with each other I minimized the conveyor belt to a simple line. This is how I ended up with the idea of these shapes moving down the conveyor belt to be built into a new house quickly and efficiently. This is not something I wanted to push too hard because the concept exists and works well on its own however adding more details again added more complexity than I was comfortable with and created imbalance once again.

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