Blue Snowball Web Ad

Client: Blue Microphones
Services: Web Promo Advert


Blue Microphones makes high quality studio microphones available for an affordable price for varying ranges of qualities and scenarios. My only issue has always been that the advertisements have seemed to lack the same simplicity and direction their products retain. My goal was to simply design an ad that could be used for social media posts as well as banner advertisements.

Illustration Process

Because I didn’t have access to a perfect Blue Snowball, lighting and camera setup for a higher resolution ad, I instead opted for photography and then moving it into illustrator and recreating the imagery through careful line work with a combination of gradients and making use of the mesh tool to match shapes and tones properly.

Typography and Details

For the actual ad I wanted to focus on improving their typography which has admittedly gotten better since the creation of this advert. My goal was to get as much information that anyone would need into one location so people can come to the page see the ad read the details and make decisions immediately rather than having to read through a bunch of nondescript text that only benefits padding out the page. I believe an effective ad is more important for customer retention than introducion obscure information which can be offputting to many consumers. People who didn’t care in the first place will only gain from this approach. This ad was focused towards the general consumer looking for an office microphone to audiophiles looking to get an entry microphone for recording.

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