Hello, I’m Brandon Harris, i’ve been freelance graphic designing as a hobby since 2008 working on all kinds of various online community boards in their design teams generally providing graphics for YouTube channels and E-Sport gaming teams. Eventually I wanted to expand and improve, so I went solo to learn and improve my craft.

I started my business in 2012 and have been improving every day. My main goal is to become a name you will remember. I take big strides and make hard decisions for my crafts and this has remained my emphasis for all my work. When working with me, expect to have your head filled with information as I learn who you and your business is, it is how I learn and I believe everyone should be willing to learn in order for their business to be successful. I don’t have a large team, but I work like I have a Fortune 500.

Find me occasionally online on Instagram, , Dribbble, Behance and LinkedIn.

In modern Design, no one is simply a one sided operator so if you are in need of a specific type of service feel free to get in contact with me so we can discuss options.